Anyone selling more than few different items might like to conside

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Good Shopping Cart Platforms For Your Ecommerce Website  ECommerce Articles | February 14, 2012      All Web site owners that concentrate on e-commerce need to install reliable shopping cart. But not all of them are made the same as many will force you to spend long frustrating hours on trying to install them and configure them right.zen cart templates     What you basically want in a shopping cart is the one that is easy to set up, process orders flawlessly and swiftly and offers number of customization options.Most site hosting companies offer number of free shopping carts such as Magento, CubeCart, osCommerce, Zen Cart. Although they may all look appealing, experienced users will be fast to tell you that Magento is really not well suited for novice users while Zen

Cart may be good option only for the most basic e-commerce site. On the other hand, Agora Shopping Cart provides mix of easy installation and operation with advanced customization option. Anyone selling more than few different items might like to consider this cart as it supports unlimited product that can be grouped along unlimited number of zen cart template categories. It can also process payments with 10 different shipping methods, can apply multiple tax rates, and does not require previously set up account before processing orders. It also offers number of pre set template designs that can be further manipulated to web owner’s liking.There is also CubeCart that also offers complete checkout customization with all kinds of plug-ins and modules. They also include all major payment systems including PayPal, courier systems, as well as social sharing tools such as Facebook. The software also offers in depth sales reporting.Or you can go for purchasing shopping cart software such as X-CART.

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