there are a lot of ams out there

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i need some information on ting grants to buy a home. most places i check out want money.

i am looking for industry leading grant software or downloads.

i do not think there are any grants to buy a home. why would tax dollars be used for a personal purchase. i know some states offer 1st time home buyers incentives. you would be better off checking with a real estate agent in your area. they would have all the particulars that apply to your state.

avoid those places that ask for money -- there are a lot of ams out there. you may want to read the warnings ftc has download software issued against these grant is also one of the warnings issued by the better business bureau concord.i suggest you check out non profits, who are the recipients of most housing grants. check out habitat for humanity. also visit the nehemiah corp as they have a downpayment assistance program for qualified lenders downpaymentthe housing and urban development in their grants available page makes it clear that they do not provide grants to individuals -- hence no grants for a person to buy a home hud.govgrantsindex.cfmwhile hud does not offer direct grants or loans to individuals, we do work through local governments and non-profit organizations to make financial assistance and latest software download counseling available. you can go to the catalog of federal domestic assistance (cfda) and - these are two industry leading sites created by the federal government to provide transparency and information on grants. browse through the listings and see if you can find any grant that would support your purposes.even if you buy books on how to grants or list that supposedly has information on grants -- all of them are mere rehash of what cfda has, albeit packaged differently.or check with your mortgage officer or real estate agent if there are low cost loans you can.

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