maybe she is acting strange because you are good luck

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my girlfriend has been acting strange

i found a strange number in her cell phone. should i call it

you could play private investigator. that's what i did. i used this website to lookup his phone number. i figured out his name and address. then, i google-earthed his house. what did i see but her mercedes parked in his drivewayphoneseek.infocall me a stalker, but it worked. no drama involved, i got the truth quick.

absolutely not. in my relationship i'm 100 faithful, and if my wife ever started calling every number in my phone i would be infuriated over the breach of privacy. look for other signs, emotional distance, lack of affection, cancelling plans, lack of eye contact. if they're there ask whats wrong, she may be distressed of problems with other friends Reverse Cell Phone lookup parents siblings etc, if it continues, you may have reason to worry, but you want to give her the benefit of the doubt as often as you can

no. just talk to her. but dont mention you have been snooping in her phone. that will bug her big time. you shudnt be looking in her phone. maybe she is acting strange because you are good luck

usually overly protected boyfriends such as yourself have self-conious issues, usually because your to small to please your girl and you know shes looking for a good bangin. yeah shes prolly Phone lookup cheatin.

just because your going out doesnt mean you need to know everything about her, seriously, your not her mom.

dont really think somaybe

according to your avatar, you are a lesbian.congratulations. i hope it works out.

yes!!!!!!! prank call and say its the muffin company!

no you should not you shouldn't be in her phone you are in the wrong

i thought my bf was acting strange and i found out he was cheating on me. that being said, do you want to find out or not

depends on the energy you have for a fight

sure..if you dont know what who it is then what do you got to loose.

go , knock yourself out.

yeah you should if its a boy ooh then someone is in trouble!

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