You can setup a suggestion box for them

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No matter what type of business you run, you want as many customers to come in the door as possible.  Getting more people to buy your dollar store items will surely help your business become more profitable.  Here are some of the various things you can do to ensure waves of customers keep coming to your dollar store.UGGs Sale Cheap It is important for you to use your discount uggs existing customer base to your advantage.  Recurring customers will be your biggest source of sales.  Therefore, you should do whatever you can to get customers to return to your store as frequently as possible.This means you will need to get to know your customer base so you will know what they are interested in buying.Getting the customers themselves to give you suggestions is also a good idea.  You can setup a suggestion box for them.

UGGs Sale Cheap Customers will come in to buy the dollar products every household needs.  However, they will also want items too.  If you keep your offerings fresh, people will be tempted to come back more often to see what you currently have on the shelves.  It will definitely pay off to have a wide variety of products in stock.UGGs Sale Cheap You should be aware vendors will sometimes ugg boots discount offer great deals on their products. They are a great way to mix up your product selection and make a nice profit in the process.UGGs Sale Cheap Whenever you have new dollar store items, you will want people to know about them.  People place a lot of importance on customer service.  If your employees give them great customer service, then they will likely become a repeat customer.  If they do not receive excellent service, then they will probably take their business elsewhere.

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