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 None" and "very few" imply two totally various points, and except if we grasp the precise nature on the variation regarding them within this distinct context, we shall not be inside a hundred miles of accurately knowledge the poem. Wordsworth is telling us that although there are already the fact is a "very few" men uggs on sale and women currently who loved Lucy, all individuals number of ever ahead of visualize of praising her. He's really definite about this - "a maid whom there have been none to praise." the genuinely like of such individuals right now for Lucy, then, appears not to have involved sensation that she had any exclusive distinction.


Good causes for this are granted inside the 2nd stanza. Her elegance was on the singular inconspicuous kind, just just like the attractiveness from the solitary violet barely visible beside "a mossy stone"; or such because the splendor of one solitary star, which would underneath no circumstances be noticed while inside the sky stuffed with other glinting information ugg on sale of light.Now, the query arises whether the poet himself is or is simply not to get incorporated in between the "very few" who cherished Lucy without having obtaining contemplating her worthy of praise. The evident interpretation can be that he's the solitary exception that he, needless to say, valued Lucy at her proper actually really worth all along.


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