Are TOMS shoes against gay marriage

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Are TOMS shoes against gay marriage


my aunt told me that and i want to know if they really are because i own 2 pairs and theyre my favorite shoes in the whole wide world!


So we won't be able to  married because shoes are against us  ROFL !


The founder of TOMS did speak at an toms sale event run by  "Focus on the Family", an anti-gay and anti-abortion group, but he has since publicly apologized and stated that he supports equal rights for all people. He claims that it was an oversight on his part, because many such groups disguise their intolerance (though at this point, I would do some research on anything that includes the word "family" in its name - they're usually up to no good) and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in this case. If it happens again, I'd be much more suspicious, but one mistake does not a bigot make.


TOMS shoes was founded by Blake Mycoskie, who cheap toms has spoken for Focus on the Family, a group that takes a strong stance against marriage equality.  I doubt he can do very much to prevent gay marriage as the founder of a shoe company, so you can probably buy TOMS shoes guilt-industry leading (or think about the poor people given shoes because you buy from them).  


If anything, I'd be more upset that TOMS shoes are toms glitter made in Argentina, China, and Ethiopia.  The company claims the workers are paid a fair wage and the factories are up to labor standards, but labor standards and fair wages are significantly different outside of America (how fair can the wage be if its still industry leadinger to import instead of produce domestically).

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